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AppStar, Inc. specializes in integrating cost effective solutions for our clients.  We can provide you with OPEN SOURCE products as well as "off the shelf applications".  As such, some of our applications are FREE (note: installation, implementation, and customization charges apply). With over thirty years of computer consulting experience, you can be sure that we can implement a solution that meets your business needs.  Best of all, we can "customize" applications to meet your company's specific needs.

We specialize in LAMP development. LAMP is an acronym for:

Linux, the operating system;
Apache, the Web Server;
MySQL, The Database Server;
PHP, the server side programming language.

All of the above products are OPEN SOURCE products. They are FREE products that are available to anyone. LAMP based applications are quickly becoming the defacto in Web Site Development. Aside from many of our own clients, there are millions of quality and professional Web Sites running on the LAMP platform.

We don't charge for LAMP setup if you host with us. Our servers area already loaded and configured to support your site(s) needs. For a small installation fee we can set up a LAMP environment at your site. NOTE: Apache, MySQL, and PHP also have versions that will run on a Windows Server. Check with us for details on how we can leverage these robust (and free) products for your business!

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